The Valle is just 30 minutes from CasaPDM and has nearly 200 wineries.  Along with wine, the Valle features some of the best restaurants in North America.  Call for reservations on the weekends for the restaurants.  Here are some of our favorites:

If you go on the weekend, we suggest you make your way to the East end (about 50 minute drive) and work your way back toward the ocean.  This will minimize traffic and crowds for you.  Check on when they open most are 11 am :) We try and leave our home for wine tasting by 10:00 to enjoy the full day catching sometimes 5 wineries by dinnertime.

Vina de Frannes We always eat food here and the view is wonderful. +52 646 688 1955

Decantos Vinicola great tastings view and food +52 646 688 1019

Rondo del Valle great wine tasting in modern surroundings +52 646 977 5524

Las Nubes Bodegas y Vinedos up on a lookout sit on patio and have a great wine tasting experience +52 646 688 1027

Casa Frida valle de Gpe +52 646 286 3895 wine tasting is inside but go around the back and experience a huge complex of small bars and dining spots among the trees and get a tequila flight !

Finca Altozano +52 646 688 1016 good and interesting ambiance for dining

Relieve Vinicola +52 646 247b5285 Stunning interior and great ambiance Walk down the path for dinner after wine tasting and have dinner within the vines at Mixtura then drive home only 30 mins! +52 646 108 5702

Fauna for a unique indoor/outdoor dining built in to the hills and boulders of the Valle.  Very "in" place so you need reservation.